Populations are

expanding. We are

encountering new

densities and fusions.

Migrations are centralising.


Mirror Systems provides

architectural services for

contemporary Melbourne

and beyond. New

architectural expertise

must be identified and



We are endorsing

emancipations that do not

romanticise depopulation. 


We are immersing

ourselves in secular and

transnational networks.

Mirror Systems

Mirror Systems has

projects in preparation for

or under construction in

Windsor,  South Yarra,

Footscray and North





We are compelled to

explore new types of



Melbourne is re-organising



New and provocative

proximities are multiplying

by trial and error.  


We have to learn how to

live closer together.


We are distilling

architectural expertise in

concentration and



This is not the time for

paranoid solutions.

Synthetic Light

Natural light is not a

generous resource. 


We have moved from

abundance facilitated by

mediocre skills towards

scarcity that challenges



By processing and re-

distributing natural light we

are learning to remove it

from its source. 


Direct natural light is

exiting in chronic

parentheses of refraction

and reflection.

Interstitial Gardens

We are reintroducing

natural phenomena in

the smallest doses. 


At miniature scales there

is secure anarchy in




Without anthropomorphic

dimensions water is ideal. 


By introducing simulacra

we can saturate

Melbourne with imaginary

verdant opulence. 


Petrifactions have no

material depth. There are

no restraints to the

proliferation of veneers,

paints, mirrors, chromes,

polishes and films.

Total Dematerialisation

Urbanisation is an

epidemic of detritus.

Creativity is noise. There

is nothing memorable.


We are pursuing total

dematerialisation in

Melbourne with

transparency and reflectivity. 


We are disarticulating



Shadows are anti-matter. 


Black is a form of



By subduing light the

superimposition of different

darknesses becomes

orchestrated depthless-



We are internalising

experiences without


Beta Excavations

Excavating Melbourne’s

urban detritus is the

ultimate in delivering live



We are creating porosities

and negativities. 


Inanimate voids spawn

shock autonomies.


Excavated urban living

in Melbourne is the new

limit. We are preparing

acoustic and thermal

microcosms. They are

mediated with water,

gardens and mirrors. We

are ventilating and

illuminating with well

and shaft combinations.

Instant Archeologies

There is archival and

documentary value in

Melbourne’s disposable

urban conditions. With

blasé transformations their

unspectacular ambiance is



By employing methods

from archeology such as

encasing and restoration,

Melbourne’s  newfound

conditions acquire

status. They are the

spolia of urban


Nameless Exteriors

We are not attempting

to recreate the Melbourne

dynamic with creative

icons. They are all static.


New forms of civic

representation are

demanded by the public

saturation of Melbourne’s

urban systems. 


We are substituting

abused architectural

creativity with subliminal

backgrounds. They

will deliver the

indeterminacies of

Melbourne’s human

agglomerations into entire



When erasures are

absolute their utility

consists of interminable

auto restorations. This is

immaculate dysfunction.


How do architects

surrender control in

Melbourne? Does

spontaneity correspond with

the cessation  of 

architectural work? 


We are juxtaposing a total

spectrum of speeds.

Connectivity is flux.


We can randomly oscillate

durations by contrasting

virtual  technology with

architectural promenades.


Ambiguity equates

with the serial repetition

of architectural volumes.

Special Membranes

Special membranes

constitute architectural

filters calibrated by depth

and attenuation.


What is the elasticity

between public and private

behaviour? How far can

someone disappear and

then re-emerge in



We are determining the

efficacies of Melbourne’s

doors, curtains, thresholds,

screens, hinges, handles

and architraves. 


Deeper refinements

include display windows,

vestibules, closets,

antechambers, foyers, and



We are indexing and


architectural services

subject to Melbourne’s



We understand that by

conceiving the services 

and language for

transforming societies we

risk uncertain bathos. We

anticipate that architecture

is returning to a new



The prolific acquisition

and export of knowledge

warrants authentication

both unusual and sublime.

This is a temporary